2019 Hammer Challenge


The down and dirty details:

1) Complete every CMS event on the schedule as of 2.10.19 (waived is the first indoor race this year)

2) No excuses, no mercy, and this is intentionally hard.

3) You have to do the Olympic or greater distance if offered (for Triathlon Races).

4) You have to do the 10k or greater distance if offered (for Trail Runs).

5) Anyone crazy enough to complete this wins a CMS Hammer award (“cause when you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail”). Award includes glory, additional Hammer Award(s) (tbd), and FREE entry into ALL of the CMS 2020 races.

6) This is a challenge for the “do epic things” crowd, so we want to reward epic!

7) Awarded after the completion of the final event on December 8th, Viking Dash Trail Run: Charlottesville