Wednesday, March 29

Da Scoreboard: the influential Canadian musician with his latest album

Da Scoredboard is considered among the most influential musicians out there. This unique and reputed musician was born in India, but he was then raised in Canada. He started working as an entertainment analyst in the entertainment industry, eventually getting the recognition he deserved. He has knowledge and expertise in different music genres that he effectively utilized in music production.


Da Scoreboard started creating music when he was in 8th grade In Canada. He first started making beats after high school. When all his played used to play was Play Station or Xbox games, he got immersed in the melody of music.

He loves both business and sports equally. This is why the part ‘Da’ of his name has been inspired by ‘the’ or ‘Dababy’. On the other hand, the ‘Scoreboard’ has been taken from the sport with the idea of always being at the top of every field. One of his notable moments in life is when Drake performed at the BC Pemberton festival, which he attended.

He takes inspiration from other great musicians like Drake, Weeknd etc. He listens to all kinds of music and songs. After listening to everything, he is looking forward to creating his own music by taking inspiration from different melodies of different artists worldwide. He is looking forward to creating something like EDM, but that will be in the ‘Da Scoreboard’ way. It means he is to incorporate his own ideas, concepts and entities to create something of his own. He wants to bring catchy and unique melodies to his live music to mesmerize the audience. He is also interested to do live music shows in coming days.

His upcoming music instrumental: The release of Moon

His upcoming music instrumental release is in this year known as Moon. This is a music instrumental only release but after this he is looking forward to create some actual music like a singer. The Moon is nothing but the vibe of the music taste that Da Scoreboard generally have. After releasing this vibe, he will think of releasing the actual music albums later.

He is also sympathetic to the poor people who really love music. This is why he has plans to give music to the poor for free. If poor people want to get into the music industry, he will help them.

His future projects and plans

After his instrumental only release, he is looking forward to collaborating with big and reputed singers. If a singer’s music vibe and vocal match with him, he is ready to work with them for obvious reasons. He can work with these artists in two ways: studio recording and live shows. He is open to working in any way possible.

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