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Magic Show Will Make Your Child’s Birthday Party A Memorable and Exciting One

Like every parent, you also would look for options to plan your child’s birthday party a memorable and thrilling one. Keeping a magic show can be a wonderful option that would turn any birthday party successful and exciting. Every child has an irresistible charm for magic shows and a birthday party becomes more entertaining when a magician mixes fun with tricks.

Healthy for the kids’ minds

Magic shows are good for kids as they deliver a positive effect on their mind. These shows are a mix of basic science, art, and comedy. The tricks shown by the magician capture the kids’ attention and make them interested to know how it is done. At the same time, the magician also interacts with children telling them interesting stories and good jokes.

Amusing and impressive for children

Children love magic as they develop a huge passion for magic from a very young age. They get impressed with every action that the magician makes and even try to imitate the tricks.

Since their childhood kids have been listening to fairy tales and stories. Due to this, magic shows have become the best entertainment for any party. It will be great to give them something they are fond of on their birthday.

Look for high-quality professional magicians

Booking a professional magician for your child’s birthday party ensures that even the guests do not get bored. If you are looking for an expert kids magician Sydney then book Julianbullmagic which offers a magic show for all kinds of events, weddings, festivals, birthdays, and corporate functions. He has been performing professional magic shows for 11 years and has been doing regular shows for some major corporate events and functions. 

The different types of magical performances of Jullianbull include

  • Roving Close Up Magic: performing smaller magic tricks with coins, rubber bands, cards, or just random things
  • Cabaret Act: a stage act with visual self-explanatory magic with balls, coins, cards, ropes, paper, and pencils.
  • Street Performance: outdoor functions performing tricks
  • Combinations of the above three acts

You can fill up the online form on the website to make a booking, check availability, and get a quote. He offers a discount of 20% if you book him for a second or third time. He also offers a 50% discount if you have a website or a blog and are willing to link with his website and recommend his services.

A good kids magic show needs to be carefully packed with interesting tricks, attention grabbers, and funny gags. The birthday child would love to feel special on his birthday. It is not just good fun for kids but the adults too can have a wonderful time. 

Find packages like gigs for balloon twisting and cake-cutting ceremonies that can be included with the show. You can also get packages including face painting and caricature. Choose the right entertainer that can highlight the party with some wonderful tricks. You will give your guests and your child’s friends to talk about something for days.


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