Wednesday, May 31

Reasons to Have a Picture Hanging System

When displaying your art piece in a gallery or at home, you need a picture hanging system to bring out the best in it. Think about how it can be displayed neatly in your home or gallery. Also, you want everything to stay put, so you don’t have to worry about it later. Here are some reasons to have a picture-hanging system.

More Security

One of the best things about having picture-hanging systems is better security. If you have an art gallery, your pieces can go for high prices. It makes your work a big target for theft.

However, a hanging system has theft-delaying security hooks, making for a solid deterrent. You need this type of security system, especially when you have your showings open to the public. You never know who may have an ulterior motive.

Not to mention, the hooks are permanent. This way, it helps keep it from getting tampered with too much. You don’t have to worry about your picture getting knocked off the wall by a clumsy bystander.

Keep this in mind for different gallery showings.

Better Lighting

Another reason to have a quality photo mechanism is to help you display your work in the best lighting. Lighting means everything when you’re trying to capture the best angle. You can use photo wires that move around more to put your work in a unique position.

Also, some come with LED lights made for artwork. You don’t have to worry about heat or lighting messing with the integrity of your piece. You may work with oils or another light-sensitive material that damages it easily in direct sunlight.

Mounted lights not only protect your work but give it a natural essence to accentuate the finer details.

Good for Longevity

When you hang up your artwork, you’re thinking about nuts and bolts. Also, you think about whether you have better control to avoid knocking out the wall while you’re hammering away. Luckily, a photo-wire mechanism allows you to be more precise.

You don’t have to worry about redecorating, plastering, and cleaning up after putting the system into the wall. Not to mention, it’s less of a safety hazard. You have more flexibility to adjust to keep each show with a unique theme.

Think about using a picture hanging system as a perfect way to compliment your work from your home or at an art show


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