Saturday, February 4

Why Melbournians love their neighborhood bars

When most people think of what Australia has to offer, the first thing that might come to mind is entertainment. Melbourne may not have the beaches that Sydney has or the laid-back atmosphere of Byron Bay, it’s charm lies in the cities. In what the many laneways and side streets of Melbourne have to offer as far as good restaurants, music venues and most importantly bars and pubs. The vibrant culture of Melbourne’s entertainment culture is not hidden, it is visible for everyone to see. You can search online or just take a stroll through colorful neighborhoods like Fitzroy with its arty culture or the many laneways, hidden doors and skyways of the central business district.  If you are looking for a bar near me, you may find that Melbourne has over 2,000 bars and pubs to choose from.  Finding a great bar can be an adventure in itself that will take you through graffiti-covered alleys. 

Neighborhood bars aren’t always the prettiest bars or the most posh bars you will find but they are decent and clean enough. It could be a simple pub that serves basic alcohol. You can expect a good pint of beer and a decent whisky and if there is wine, it isn’t sold by the bottle but by the glass. The drinks are simple, you won’t find some fancy bartender mixing sweet cocktails with pretentious sounding names. 

Looking for a “bar near me” can be a fun adventure, however sometimes a bloke just needs to find that one place that matches his personality or wants that “Cheers” type of bar where you always find the same group of people at the bar and the bartender knows everyone by name and by their favourite drink. Why? Because one reason for visiting a bar on the regular is to find a place close by to relax and have light conversations.

In a neighborhood, you can get decently buzzed for $20. The beer is generally cold and poured directly from a beer tap. Craft beers may be available but these usually cost more. You may be able to run up a tab and if you a regular who occupies the same seat every day at the same time and everyone knows your family, you could run up a tab. 

Neighborhood bars are open until late, mostly 7 days a week. Regulars make a stop on a daily basis and some even start as early as 9:00am. If the bar is near your home then, you can afford to drink a little bit more, know that the bartender will care enough not to let you drive home. You can leave your car and still get it the next day when you have sobered up. The bartender will call you a cab or find someone to drive you home. He or she actually cares. This is probably the one person you have spent hours talking about your girlfriend or your lousy boss. The bartender will know if you are having a hard time. Neighbourhood bartenders are like therapists. They are always there to listen.

Neighborhood bars are also very quirky. They may have a Jukebox, game nights and photobooths. The point is, neighborhood bars have great character. 


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